[Channelnomics] Top three vendors could hold 80 per cent of PC market within five years – Michael Dell

In five years’ time the world’s three biggest PC makers could account for four in every computers five being made and sold, Michael Dell has claimed.Michael Dell

According to a report in Reuters, the eponymous vendor leader (pictured) this week told journalists at a conference in Bengaluru that Lenovo, HP, and Dell could collectively snaffle 80 per cent of the PC market within a period of about five to seven years. Further consolidation and smaller players being disproportionately hurt by shrinking sales will cause the narrowing of the playing field, he believes.

Second quarter market data from Gartner finds that the three firms currently hold a cumulative 51.1 per cent of the global market. Lenovo leads the pack, with a market share of 19.7 per cent, ahead of HP on 17.4 per cent, and Dell on 14 per cent. In the first quarter the triumvirate accounted for a total of 48.8 per cent of shipments.

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