Nowadays, the web is truly an effective and impactful channel:Risultati immagini per social media management

  • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human (Gartner Research)
  • Business that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experienced a 451% increase in the qualified leads (The Annuitas Group)
  • Online has less than 10% of the cost of a sales person but it is capable of delivering the same impact
  • Extremely high marketing ROI: inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing
  • Online is easier to monitor and measure across the sales pipeline

For some time, social media were considered something related just to the B2C world. Over time, however, companies have changed their opinion: they want an increasing engagement with customers through B2B activities on social media as this is positively related to the perception of the company’s reputation and its proactivity. Just as it is no longer conceivable that a company doesn’t have a website (and a quality one!), it is not acceptable that a successful company does not socially interact.

So, it is very important to effectively interact with social audiences:

  • Assessing and improving your messages, values, content, strategy, starting position on social networks
  • Post the right messages with the right tone on a continuous basis
  • Target, then grow your audience
  • Effectively and promptly interact
  • Transform conversations into leads, preference, respect, reputation
  • Measure visibility and interaction levels
  • Manage your social reputation

Our action plan is simple and encompassing:

  • We listen to your needs and we get your inputs
  • We analyze your products, strategies, organization and we write in autonomy “tweets” (on the social platforms that we will define), helping you continuously grow a loyal community
  • We interact with your customers and your internal sales/marketing/technical organization, at local and/or multinational level, to maximize joint effectiveness
  • We give you feedback on the results, via online dashboards and monthly reports
  • All at an all-inclusive fixed cost typically equivalent to that of an intern
  • This initiative can be interrupted at any time: the network and the reputation remain in the company

Our activities develops through the same steps regardless of the social network in question. The first phase is the definition of the objectives to be achieved which in principle can be simplified into:

  • Building a community around a product, service, event
  • Building loyalty of an already existing community
  • Releasing viral content for the community

Once we defined the objectives, we will roll out the best editorial plan. Depending on the objectives you can define whether it is better to make video storytelling, a number of viral meme, articles, editorials, surveys, status, repost and 3rd-party endorsement and so forth.

We can support you on most major social platforms, with top focus on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in a very professional and focused way:

  • Using rich content (a good mix of text, #hashtags and @people references)
  • Using social dashboards to reduce operational workloads and possibility of doing mistakes
  • Being aware and respectful that Content is King
  • Reiterate key content
  • Leading people to Company Online Properties and Interacting with (Prospective) Customers
  • Choosing the best possible frequency: not too often, definitively not too rarely
  • Choosing the most appropriate language(s)
  • Retweet and Likes (especially by key people) are often the best way to enlarge reach
  • Attention to Analytics tools
  • Messages posted on one network could be posted on other media with little effort, but sometimes, it is useful to create content specifically conceived for one platform

In summary, our five winning points:

  1. Autonomy
  2. Operational in a short time
  3. Interaction with (prospective) customers
  4. Low costs
  5. Proven skills in the IT and Digital

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