Recruiting is the most critical HR function delivering 40% more profit than any other HR function, according to Boston Consulting Group. The recruitment business has recently changed a lot. It is by now about engaging (especially via social networks) with a talent community, putting time in to learn the nuances, trends and specifics of your market and working hard to network. In a pleasant, well-researched and respectful manner.

PBS know very well the IT market and have lots of personal connections and visibility. By engaging us in supporting your recruiting effort, you will be promptly ready to hire the most fitting resources (sales, technical, marketing, operations, management).

Beware: neither we are a search and selection agency, nor we want to present us as such! We are a communications and social marketing consultant, we understand social networks and we utilize a clear, structured, timely, predictable, software-assisted consulting methodology known as social profiling, consulting and supporting our customers on their recruiting effort:

  • Building recruitment profiles, focused job announcements, selection grids and questionnaires
  • Issuing focused mailers to custom-built databases, performing social networks and blog activities to draw attention to your search
  • Careful listing of applicants
  • Production of dossiers
  • Support to company management

We are:

  • Faster: We work double-time: whilst the rest are snoozing, social networks are working online out of office hours, halving search time.
  • Cost-effective: Easy to use and totally secure. We achieve the impossible: greater specialization, lower cost.
  • Expert: We are specialized by definition. For every assignment, either we know the gritty technicalities of the role o we don’t accept the assignment.

The output of our software-assisted effort is supporting you in building a qualified list of dossier of candidates ready to be interviewed and hired. You will only pay for our consultancy, irrespectively of how many people you will hire, if and when.

Our flat-fee cost will include a minimal start-up fee + a success fee at acceptance. No risk for you! Moreover, our cost is truly affordable and you will not need any longer to approach such as critical task in a do-it-yourself way.

Please check our recent assignments. Just contact us in order to be ready to have on hand the right candidates to hire in a short and predictable time and at a fraction of cost of traditional methods.

Here you can find a rich tutorial re: Digital (Marketing applied to) Recruiting activities (Italian language)

Here below an infographic about this service (click on the image to enlarge it).