PBS know very well the IT market and have lots of experience in sales & marketing training. That’s why we invite you to attend a seminar that will be the gym to train yourself to speak in a wider context and optimize its influence on any audience:

  • A warm communication style that speaks to the heart of the people, concise, enriched by expressive figures (anecdotes, metaphors, sense of humor …)
  • A clear message structure designed to achieve your goals

To develop a warm communication style, it is essential to develop the authenticity because being yourself replaces acting. Being yourself develops the Presence: your quality becomes the Charisma and influences the success of the event.

If the context is corporate/business and the subject is the presentation of a product or service, you have also to clearly understand:

  • The context in which it is placed
  • The value/benefit that the proposal gives to the audience
  • The economic components intrinsic to the proposal itself

Objectives of our seminar:

  • Develop the presence and charisma to be an authentic and effective communicators
  • Acquire a methodology and operational behavior designed to effectively manage all phases of a presentation in different professional contexts
  • Increase the capacity of impacting and establishing communication and interpersonal relationship with the audience.

Key sections:

  • The contexts of public speaking and presentation
  • The non-verbal communication, action and presence: gestures, posture, movements, eye contact, facial expression
  • The Voice: volume, tone, rhythm
  • Empathy: what allows us to get in tune with the public
  • The Energy and Space: Developing Energy to manage Space
  • Opening the speech and handling the first impact with the audience
  • Manage anxiety before ‘going on stage’, strategies to develop security and inner calm
  • Checklist for planning and context analysis
  • Audio-video tools
  • Presentation structure
  • Behavior and communication during objections
  • Criteria for meeting close and after-meeting

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