[Avnet] Discovering the Key Components of the Software Defined Data Center

In today’s data center we see a variety of inter-related trends, which, taken together, have the potential to add vast layers of complexity and capability to data centers. Data is no longer confined to one’s own data center and compute power has no bounds or boundaries…it can be available precisely when, where, and how it’s needed. The applications residing on this compute power are even beginning to redefine the business processes themselves.

Today, the proliferation of virtualization and cloud computing are becoming the new data center norm with at least 70% of x86 workloads – that are available to be virtualized – now virtualized, according to Gartner1.  Additionally, cloud and cloud-related initiatives are (still) the most important project for the majority of IT departments today2 with cloud-related tech spending by businesses expected to triple from 2011 to 2017, reaching more than $235 billion3.

With that said, the changes taking place within the data center are so profound that they are being characterized as a new era in computing. For systems integrators, value added resellers and other solution providers, it’s critical to develop an understanding of these changes and it’s equally as important to understand at the enterprise level in order to help to guide customers through this evolution. Remember, in the complexity and new capability of emerging technologies live the highest revenue opportunities for our partner community. This includes being informed about the trends and technologies that are shaping the software-defined data center (SDDC) and are a primary key to a successful business.

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