[Siteoscope] Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate: 25 Effective Ways to Do It

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On this matter, here is an article about web site conversion: Own to their core, businesses aim to increase their website conversion rate. After all, purchases are what make the business thrive. Without an increase in traffic and sales, they will not grow. Worse, they might lose money in paying for marketing campaigns that don’t help.

There are several ways to get a good conversion rate without spending more money. Here are 25 of them:

1. Split testing – Also known as A/B testing, this involves testing different headlines to see which page leads to sales and a higher conversion rate.

2. Using fewer fields in submission forms – SEO experts conducted a test to see how the number of fields improved the conversion rate, and they found out that the fewer fields you required from visitors, the higher the chance of conversion. Here’s an example that only requires visitors to submit their email address to sign up:


3. Offering a guarantee – No-obligation guarantees give your visitors something to hold on to – a claim that your product or service will satisfy their needs. Though money-back guarantees mean losing money in case of a return, experts say the uptick in sales should be enough to cover for it.

4. Prompting customers to act – Action words such as “buy” and “get” prompt visitors into doing something. Sprinkle these words in your copy, and use variations for more organic results.

5. Using videos to humanize a brand – A video breaks the monotony of your copy and adds a touch of humanity in the brand. A short clip introducing the brand or the people behind it can do wonders.

6. Including social media or subscriber count – People like being part of a community. Show them the number of people who trust your brand and your product, so you can also encourage them to become a part of your community. One of the best plugins you can use to display your social media count is AccessPress Social Counter.


7. Adding stock number (if applicable) – This spurs the urgency of the purchase. If they see that there are only three items left in stock, they will be more inclined to buy. This tells them that many customers are interested in buying the product.

8. Writing a compelling copy instead of focusing on hype – Building up the hype works for a bit, but in the long run, you want your copy to be evergreen. Focus on a compelling story that lists the clear benefits of the product, and the value customers get from it.

9. Including the privacy statement in the opt-in form – Using the right words has a big impact on your copy, especially in email marketing. Add a privacy policy in your campaign to boost conversion.

10. Accepting various payment methods – When you offer various payment options, you’re giving visitors the idea that you’re catering to different kinds of customers. This also makes the transaction more convenient for them.

11. Including reviews or testimonials – Searching for reviews and testimonials is a part of an online buyer’s task list. They want to be sure the product they’re buying is useful and has satisfied other users before. Give them some reviews to check out on your page while they make a decision. Here’s an example of star ratings featured on products from Amazon.in:


12. Testing different color or font combinations – Play with color combinations that direct the eyes to the checkout page or to the call to action button. Try different fonts as well, and see which one attracts the right kind of attention.

13. Using CTA buttons instead of links – When you’re selling a product, aesthetics play a role in increasing conversion. Buttons call attention more than a plain link.

14. Having a chat feature – Make it convenient for customers to ask a question about your product or service by offering chat support on the checkout page. This means they don’t have to abandon their cart or leave the page just to find answers.

15. Using a single column layout – Single-column layouts eliminate distractions, prompting an impressive increase of 681% in conversion.

16. Adding a photo of your staff – Customers aren’t just looking for a generic company. They want something they can trust, and seeing a face behind the brand gives them that.

17. Matching the price – Match the price of competitors to give your customers the idea that your prices are the best out there.

18. Including your contact information – For things your chat feature can’t answer, customers should have your contact details. Displaying the company’s contact information also makes it look more like a legitimate business.

19. Offering discounts at the checkout – Improve your conversion rate by offering discounts when they checkout through the use of promo codes.

20. Limiting options – Studies show that when customers are given more options, they find it harder to select one. Limit their options to increase the chances of conversion.

21. Optimizing for mobile – Many of your potential customers will come from mobile devices. Make it easy for them to complete a transaction without having to switch to a desktop view of your site. This is how Siteoscope looks when viewed on mobile devices:


22. Matching user expectations – Don’t promise your customers one thing and give them another. It’s like click-baiting–everyone hates it.

23. Directing straightforward decisions – Lead your customers toward one thing: converting. Eliminate any kind of distraction and make sure calls to action are easy to see.

24. Focusing on benefits – Give them a reason to convert. List the benefits, and show straightforward specs of your product. Don’t beat around the bush.

25. Showing the discounted price – Aside from offering discounts at the checkout phase, you may also show the discounted price up front. Include the original price and how much customers save if they purchase the product.

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