The online image of your company is so crucial. Modern companies must have a crisp, clear, appealing web appearance. They must tell a compelling story to their online audience.

And e-commerce is even more important. From small businesses to that consummate eCommerce giant  many companies can benefit from having their own eCommerce site. As well as selling a physical product, eCommerce can be used to sell digital products, consultations or appointments, or intangibles, making it a flexible solution for all kinds of businesses.

So how can eCommerce boost your business? 

  1. eCommerce Influences Purchase Decisions: When customers are deciding on a purchase, they start by looking online. Your website is your showroom, where customers can research your product and see all the reasons it is right for them. Now imagine that same product was just a couple of clicks away from being theirs. A well-designed eCommerce site can influence purchase decisions by showcasing your product at its best, and making it as easy as pie to take action and make a purchase. A searchable and convenient catalog that makes purchasing easy, with plenty of product reviews to encourage that sale.
  2. eCommerce Taps into Social Media: It’s a social world out there, with customers turning to social media such as Facebook and Twitter to research potential purchases. For a smart business, an engaging social media presence can raise their company profile and encourage traffic and sales. A well thought out social media strategy marries well with a good eCommerce site, forging connections with buyers. Offers, competitions and other shareable content can be used to grab attention and encourage visits to your eCommerce store. It’s a seemingly simple strategy but it connects emotionally, garnering them a lot of likes – and custom.
  3. eCommerce Is Convenient: Whether they’re just getting through the door after a 10-hour work day, or getting the shopping done at the crack of dawn before the kids get up, customers appreciate the convenience of online shopping. People’s lives are hectic; getting to a bricks and mortar store means taking a sizeable chunk out of their day for a detour. eCommerce means you can fit into your customer’s busy lives, offering the products they want, when they want them.
  4. eCommerce Can Broaden Your Brand: eCommerce can be used in ways a traditional bricks and mortar store couldn’t, whether that is by offering intangible products, providing some kind of web search, or giving customers the ability to order a product to their exact specifications. eCommerce can be used to broaden your range of products for sale, bringing you more custom and diversifying your sales. When Apple first started ITunes, it was viewed as an IPod marketing tactic rather than a serious online store. With billions of sales, ITunes is now a vital part of the global Apple brand, demonstrating how eCommerce can be used to broaden what a brand offers, diversifying and increasing sales.
  5. eCommerce Offers a Personalized Experience: There are many ways in which eCommerce can be used to forge a more personal connection with customers. For example, an eCommerce site could include personal recommendations, order tracking, quick customer service, or personalized rewards, allowing your business to offer the same kind of personal service online that you would offer face to face.

eCommerce offers businesses a vital opportunity to offer their customers round-the-clock convenience. A good eCommerce strategy that adds excellent customer service and a dynamic social media presence into the mix can spell higher traffic and better sales for your business.

You can go online with an e-commerce solution by utilizing our expertise on e-commerce platforms:

  • Solution based on well-known development platforms (PrestaShop, WordPress, WooCommerce, related plug-ins)
  • Mobile responsive (PCs, tablets, smartphones)
  • Professional approach
  • Top graphical appearance, infographics, strong visual appeal
  • Integrated with your company web site and social presence
  • Includes training: autonomously manageable by your organization, no maintenance fees required
  • Very complete: customer quotes, product profiles, promotions, campaigns …
  • SEO-optimized
  • Multilingual

Please contact us to discuss how to bring online (even from scratch!) new and appealing web, blog, e-commerce sites for your company!

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