B2B communication has changed. Traditional media are no longer enough now that “Digital + Social” have become mainstream. But looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, that won’t be enough either: “talking” to your customers, communicating with your voice, is the new trend.

Have you noticed that more and more people walk around or work at their PCs wearing headsets? Podcasts are a major information and entertainment tool today: in the car, on public transport, in the office, at home, we’re listening to news and discussions.

October 2019 marked the launch of RADIO IT (https://www.radioit.it/), IT’s first radio podcast platform:

  • RADIO IT is the «IT voice»: it gives a voice to the key players and issues in the IT and the digital sector
  • RADIO IT is a radio podcast website on the main audio apps/channels (Spotify, Spreaker, Soundcloud, Apple, Google …) and a skill on Amazon Alexa
  • RADIO IT addresses the IT/Digital/Innovation world: Vendors, Channels, Service Providers, Software Houses, Consultants, Management/CxO, corporate IT/Digital staff and, in general, anyone with an interest in these issues
  • RADIO IT has its own program schedule: News, Analyses/Tutorials, Events, Interviews

With RADIO IT, businesses can open their own radio podcast channel, effortlessly, in their own time and without an initial outlay, and start talking immediately to a focused and growing audience.

Your commitment is minimal:

  • We will create and independently manage your podcast channel (or channels) with your specific brand and a program schedule covering issues of interest to you
  • Professional journalists will produce top-quality audio podcasts for you
  • We will promote this content (and related calls-to-action) with dedicated social campaigns and online advertising (visibility guaranteed and certified!). The audio content will be your property and you will be free to promote it
  • How much does it cost? Zero to start up and for the first podcasts! Zero fees, zero maintenance, zero recurring costs! If the initiative is successful, the next episodes will be on a pay-as-you-go basis

If you want to be part of the modern business scene then you have to be on RADIO IT!

Tutorial (free download): RADIO IT – Tutorial – English – March 2020