[Nigel Poulton] Goodbye VMs, here come the Containers???


How come Virtual Machines are ugly? Well, each VM needs its own Operating System. And Operating Systems consume resources! Remember, our ultimate goal is to run multiple applications on a physical machine, not to install multiple Operating Systems on a physical machine. Put another way, the Operating System only exists to facilitate the application – if we didn’t *need* the Operating System, we would get rid of it. Let’s face it, nobody is bragging about the number of Operating Systems their company has, or how more Operating Systems = more value for the business! Every Operating System consumes system resources (overhead) – disk space, disk IOPS, RAM, CPU cycles….. They all need patching, and some of them need anti-virus. I love Operating Systems, but in these cases more is not better. So while the Virtual Machine model was an improvement over the one-physical-machine-per-application model. It’s far from a thing of beauty. Far too much waste

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