[The Register] Cloudian says yes please to object-happy S3 storage

Comment Cloudian, an object storage startup, says that, with its integral S3 support, as the enterprise IT world adopts S3 its fortunes will benefit from that adoption. A rising S3 tide will lift its boat.

The dominant object storage access protocol will be S3 because it’s openly available and not proprietary. So says Cloudian’s w-w sales VP John Ash.

He tells us he has customers telling him they typically have lots of NFS systems now and want to move to a mix of on-premises storage and S3-accessed public cloud storage in the future. S3, they say, is open, in that it’s widely available, and becoming a standard. Ash thinks EMC Atmos sales have been limited by it having proprietary interface.

Cloudian’s object storage provides a bridge to the hybrid on-prem/S3 cloud world he sees customers moving to. What he’d have us believe is that Cloudian is better prepared for an object storage technology takeup by enterprises wanting a better way of storing fast-growing, general bulk data than other object storage suppliers.

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