[TechRepublic] Cisco’s 2016 Security Report: Attacks getting stronger, defender confidence dropping

Cisco recently released the 2016 version of Annual Security Report on cybersecurity trends and challenges. Here are the highlights.2016asr1.png

On Tuesday, January 19, Cisco released its 2016 Annual Security Report, highlighting the progression of cybersecurity and what businesses can expect as they move more into the new year. The full report (with appendix) is 87 pages long, so we’ll give you the highlights.

One of the top findings from this year’s report was that defender confidence is dropping, with only 45% of global organizations worldwide confident in their security relative to today’s threats. However, many executive said they expect greater transparency on security in the future. According to a company press release: “This points to security as a growing boardroom concern.”

Still, these growing concerns are acting as a catalyst for organizations to improve their security practices, as they know where their weaknesses are and what they need to work on.

Aging infrastructure also played a role in poor security posture with 92% of internet devices operating with known vulnerabilities. Jason Brvenik, principal engineer for the Security Business Group at Cisco, said that some were running with up to 26 vulnerabilities. Additionally, 31% of devices are running with no vendor support.

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