[TechRepublic] These 5 tech jobs are the hardest to fill at any organization

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As the world faces a tech talent shortage, recruiting and retaining employees in the field can be a challenge—especially for the most in-demand positions, according to a new report from tech career website Dice.

“Employers have to scour to find needle-in-the-haystack tech professionals; offer attractive salaries and do it all while competing with the company down the street looking to do the same,” Bob Melk, president of Dice, wrote in the report.

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After surveying 708 hiring managers, Dice determined that five roles are above and beyond the most challenging to find employees in. “Nothing here is surprising, except that many of these positions have landed on our lists before, showing the problem has only grown over time as unemployment rates among tech pros shrink and every company hires tech talent to move the business forward,” Melk wrote in the report.

Here are the most difficult-to-fill tech jobs:

1. Software developers

This role may be broad, but it encompasses the tech professionals who can design and develop software solutions to address a company’s business needs, solve real-world problems, and fix bugs, the report noted. The work of software developers is very specific, and necessary to drive business innovation forward.

2. Java developers

Java is by far the most in-demand coding language, and there are a massive number of current job openings for those with this skillset. It is also becoming more broadly used in both front-end and back-end web development.

3. Security professionals

With ransomware attacks on the rise and news of major breaches of large organizations hitting headlines almost daily, many companies are hiring technology professionals with security experience to bolster their systems. “Companies are looking for a variety of pros including those who can identify risk areas and others who can react quickly in the event of a hack,” Melk wrote in the report.

4. DevOps engineers

DevOps engineers emerged as an important role in 2012, and demand for the position has greatly increased since then, as development and operations teams increasingly work together to improve productivity. “There was concern the position would eliminate the role of System Administrators all together, but that hasn’t happened and won’t for the foreseeable future,” Melk wrote in the report.

5. .Net experience

Microsoft’s established software framework continues to be in demand, and difficult to find workers to fill positions in. “Companies need tech pros with this experience who also understand the software development life cycle, deploy custom applications, and provide support once applications are in production,” Melk wrote in the report.

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