Data profiling is a critical task to any database initiative that incorporates data from external sources. Whether it is a completely new database build or simply an enhancement to an existing system, data profiling is a key step in the overall design:

  • We build and enrich profiled databases for you based on your input, collecting relevant and qualified data from popular B2B social networks (LinkedIn and not only), key commercial databases, industry bodies/associations, chambers of commerce
  • Also we can make your databases more uniform and coherent by setting a common structure across your several databases coming from different sources
  • In summary, you will receive a richer, cleaner, standardized database! All in a matter of days!

As an additional service:

  • we also check the prospects’ behavior by analyzing their actions on web sites and social networks
  • Finally, we may qualify our database via telephone checking and sample quality assessments.

We can provide you a list of key decision markers for every industry and company, providing both massive databases and thorough 1:1 profiles which can represent useful briefing material in front of customer and prospect conversations.

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