SEO Keyword Strategy: 7 Things You May Be Doing Wrong

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Whether you are a small business owner or an experienced enterprise, if your marketing is not effective, you will not succeed. For this purpose, these days, most companies have an online marketing strategy.

Generating maximum organic traffic is the goal of every business as it creates efficient leads. It is no surprise that SEOs and marketing professionals spend a lot of time trying to improve their rankings. Keywords play an essential role in this aspect. If you are familiar with internet marketing strategies, you are also familiar with keyword research and its importance. All the SEO strategies combine to create content that serves these keywords and achieve organic traffic for the website.

But there are so many keywords. Which one should you choose, and which keyword is more likely to generate leads. Your content and link building depends on these keywords. So the keyword selection is crucial. While it is a good idea to spread out your research horizon and keep many terms in mind, the more straightforward method is to avoid mistakes.

The following are the seven most common mistakes you make while generating a keyword strategy for your business:

  1. Selecting Unnatural Keywords

Unnatural keywords are those that do not reflect the actual search style of most people. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they generate keywords according to the industry mindset. They use the terminology that their audience is unfamiliar with. Using business jargon as part of your keywords can put you off the radar.

Another mistake is only using short terms that are specific and do not consider the keyword difficulty or keyword competition. Suppose your keyword has a higher value, then it is a lot tougher to compete with other websites using the same keyword. Therefore using low, competitive keywords works best if you know your website’s competitive power. If you are unsure about your keyword’s competitiveness, then the keyword overwie tool will help you decide whether you should eneter into the competition for it.

  1. Lack Of Competitive Keyword Analysis

Another reason you are investing in SEO and digital marketing, in general, is that you want to stay ahead of your competitors. You want to appear ahead of your competitor’s web results. If your website’s search results appear before your competitor’s, you will get more click-through rate (CTR). But if you fail to perform competitive keyword analysis, you can face problems. The keywords you target may not help you much in getting your market share. You may also miss important and popular keywords. Your competitor might be using such keywords that you haven’t considered and getting an impressive CTR.

  1. Lack Of Search Intent 

If you don’t keep your target audience’s search intentions in mind, you can make the mistake of misusing the keyword. If the keyword and the content don’t align with the audience’s preferences, they will bounce. The other side of the problem can be that if you use the wrong keyword for the correct type of content, google may not display your webpage in the list of results. People search for what they need, and the search engine shows them precisely that. If your keyword is wrong, the quality of your content will stop mattering. So before you publish your content, make sure that your content, keywords, and intentions align.

  1. Focusing On Only One Keyword Per Post

Your post’s ranking should not limit to only one keyword or keyphrase. Your content will also become subject to all the relating terms. Optimizing your content for long-tail keyphrases can be your key to handle this issue. Here, once again, you must be aware of your audience’s search habits. Then focus your content on associating keywords and keyphrases to get maximum rankings. Many tools can help you relate different key phrases and keywords to your content according to popular searches.

  1. Not Focusing On Profitable Terms

You don’t have to be at the top of every search ranking. If you don’t focus on profitable keywords and spend equal timing on irrelevant keywords, it will negatively affect your business. If the keyword is not helping you generate any leads, you don’t need it. It won’t matter if your competitor ranks the highest then. The solution to this problem is to analyze which keyword generates organic traffic that turns into leads and customers. Start by narrowing down keywords that generate organic traffic. Consider the bounce rate, and observe how many of those keywords convert the traffic into leads. Then narrow down from the keywords that generate leads to the keywords that create customers. Those profitable keywords are the ones you need to focus on and invest in the most.

  1. Uneven Keyword Frequency Distribution

While some tools and methods can help you analyze which keywords generate the most traffic, it will still be unwise to leave keywords out. Don’t just focus on long-tail keyphrases or keywords. You cannot predict which keyphrase or keyword will get you maximum return. Uneven distribution can lead to a difference in rankings, which can reduce your CTR. The solution to this problem is to use keywords of every difficulty level in your content. Use high-frequency and low-frequency words and phrases to attract the maximum audience to your webpage.

  1. Not Monitoring Search Trends

When you research and generate keywords for your content, also consider the latest search trends. The trending search popularity keywords and phrases can help you stay ahead of your competitor. You can use this technique to write content ahead of the season so that you can churn out maximum content when the time comes. It can result in getting better rankings on the search engine result pages. Phrases and keyword trends tend to change over time. So it is best if you stay ahead of the game and start evaluating these trends to generate the best keywords.


The main idea is to generate quality keywords that will increase more leads and build organic traffic for your website. It would be best if you considered many factors that can affect your ranking. The list we put together above gives you a complete idea about the mistakes you need to avoid. If you keep in mind where your weakness lies, it is a no brainer to fix the issues. As a result, you will have increased traffic and a booming business.


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