2020 and beyond, business has changed:

  • Traditional media are not enough, the mainstream is “Digital/Online/Social”
  • And even this is not enough: the trend is storytelling
  • Podcasts are a key instrument in “info entertainment”: in the car, on public transport, in the office, at home, you can listen to news and in-depth analyses

October 2019, Radio IT was established (https://www.radioit.it/), part of the group Podcast Italia Network (https://www.podcastitalianetwork.it/), the first integrated platform for IT and Digital podcasting in Italy:

However, the plus factor of RADIO IT is that it enables companies to open/to fill with people/to manage/ to promote their own podcast channel immediately (https://www.radioit.it/podcast-brand-partner/), effortlessly and with no investment, addressing a growing, focused public:

  • We will create and autonomously manage podcast channels with your brand and targeted topics according to your interests
  • Pofessional journalists and sound designers will produce high-quality podcasts
  • We will promote these contents (and the relative “calls to action”) with campaigns on social media and online advertising (with guaranteed and certified visibility)! You will be able to keep the audio materials and you will be able to use them as you like

What are the costs?

  • No entrance or exit costs, no subscriptions / recurring costs!
  • You only pay for the episodes and the related advertising campaigns (optional)

You can download the introduction (including market and audience data, current sponsors, costs):

Download the presentation: RADIO IT – august 2020