[LinkedIn] Infographic: The $2.7 Trillion Opportunity of Connecting Talent with Opportunity in the Digital Age

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Here is an article about recruiting and social media: By 2025, online talent platforms could boost global GDP by $2.7 trillion annually, according to a report released this week by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). The impact is even more tangible and personal to the 540 million individuals who could use these platforms to connect with better opportunities and more rewarding work. MGI defines “online talent platforms” as marketplaces and tools that can connect individuals to the right work opportunities.

LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. When we started the company, we began with a network of people. Over the years, we have added additional components: companies, jobs, schools, skills, and professionally relevant knowledge. These components make up a graph that encompasses far more than people; it’s the Economic Graph, a digital map of the global economy. We want to empower people to take advantage of the information and connections within the Economic Graph to find a job, earn a living, acquire new skills, make great decisions, and ultimately enhance their economic opportunities.

We know the Economic Graph has the potential to be enormously valuable to local economies and companies. In the past year alone, we utilized the Economic Graph data in collaboration with the White House’s TechHire initiative and New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline program to help them strategically allocate resources to bolster the workforce. Through the LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge we’re working with top researchers from across the country to empower them to apply LinkedIn data to solving some of the most complex issue of our time, from gender inequality to the skills gap.

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