[LinkedIn] How Your Professional Network Can Advance Your Career

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On this subject, here is an article about your LinkedIn network and its association w/ your career steps: As part of the efforts to celebrate the 500 million member professional community on LinkedIn, we want to help identify who in your network can help you get ahead in your career, whatever you’re hoping to accomplish next.Screen

To see connections who stand out in your network, such as your first connection or most viewed connection, check out the My Network tab.

Everyone you know can open the door to new opportunities. The benefits of a highly connected global professional network are huge from connecting you to job opportunities to expanding your knowledge or attaining new business.

Here are some tips to engage those who stand out in your network:

Congratulate your connection who just changed jobs.

Send them a message to congratulate them, and ask them for advice if you’re also thinking of making a move. If you haven’t been in touch in a long time describe exactly when, where, and how you worked with them, and mention a mutual connection. Either way, it’s a good time to get in touch. Later you may find you want to get introduced to someone at the company they work at or someone they know.

Check out the profile of your most viewed connection or first connection.

Your most viewed connection is someone that is highly visible, so check out their profile and see their recent activity. If it’s someone you want to work with, or someone that’s very experienced in the field also consider reaching out to comment or ask them about a recent article or post.  Remember, this person could connect you to an average of 100 new companies who may be looking for the skills and talents you offer. If your first connection is highlighted why not use this opportunity to get in touch with a simple note sharing that they were your first connection!

Expand your network.

Each person you connect with has the potential to introduce you to 400+ people, 100+ companies, and 500+ jobs. Here are a few more tips to expand your network:

  • Connect with current and former colleagues and people you have recently met at a business meeting or a conference. You can easily search for people using our universal search bar or explore the People You May Know section of My Network tab which is updated daily with new personalized recommendations
  • Connect with past alumni. To see alumni, simply type in your former school in the search bar and it will show any suggestions for connections on the university page.
  • Ask to get introduced through a mutual connection. For example, if you’re interested in a job posting we’ll show you who in your network is connected to that company and can introduce you.

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