[LinkedIn] The 25 Skills That Can Get You Hired in 2016

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As briefing to you, here is an article about social recruiting: The 25 Skills That Can Get You Hired in 2016The 25 Hottest Skills in 2015 (Global)

Now that the holidays have come and gone, chances are you’re searching for a new job. That’s because January is when the largest percentage of our members look for a new gig. So you’re probably asking yourself, “What skills are employers looking for?” Great question! To find the answer, we analyzed all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015, and uncovered the 25 hottest skills in 2015.

If your skills fit one or more of these skills categories (a grouping of related skills), there’s a chance you either started a new job or attracted the interest of recruiters last year. We noticed that companies were still recruiting and hiring for these skills well into the final months of 2015, so we expect these skills will remain in-demand in the early part of 2016. This means if you have one or more of these skills, you’re likely to continue getting interest from recruiters in the new year.

Several trends stood out to us when we reviewed these results:

  • Hello, Cloud. In many ways, 2015 could be seen as the year cloud and distributed computing graduated from a niche skillset to a more prominent skillset in the global workforce. It was a very hot category in a few countries last year. But there weren’t enough members with skills like Hadoop, HBase, and Hive listed on their profiles to allow us to rank the category on our global list in 2014. In 2015, there was a rapid increase in members worldwide listing these types of skills on their profiles.

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