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Kentico is an integrated marketing solution that quickly gets websites operational. It’s full set of integrated solutions, including Web Content Management, Online Marketing, E-commerce, Online Communities, and Intranet and Collaboration, deliver much more out-of-the-box functionality than other CMS systems, making enterprise-grade, integrated marketing manageable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Kentico powers more than 18,000 websites in 90 countries. The clients include Twinings, Guinness, McDonald’s, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Brussels Airlines, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, Isuzu, Sony, Gibson, ESPN, DKNY, Abbott Labs, Medibank, Ireland.ie and others.

Why Join the Kentico Solution Partner Program? (click here to download partner guide)

The Kentico Partner Program is intended for marketing and interactive agencies, Web design agencies, freelance developers and designers who create websites for their clients. We support our partners in delivering first class websites and help them grow their business with Kentico for ASP.NE

Kentico focuses not only on being a successful company, but on helping its partners succeed. We make sure that our partners feel like they’re not alone and that working with Kentico is a joint effort; including providing them with 24-hour support, the opportunity to suggest features, and anything else that they need to help them achieve their goals.  They love the Kentico partner community and have met not only other Kentico partners; but other partners who have become colleagues, collaborators, and friends. Hear them talk about how Kentico has made a difference.

Testimonials of our partners: https://youtu.be/3ASh1vJXQ2M?list=PL9RdJplq_ukZD5ldOsxAguZgh-poWdG9D

In addition to Kentico’s standard 24/7 Support and 7-Day bug-fix policy; we offer our partners:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Promotion on Kentico.com
  • Transparent Partner points system
  • Serious license discounts
  • Developer certification discounts
  • Free marketing materials
  • Free training
  • Free developer licenses
  • And More!

More info here http://www.kentico.com/Partners/Become-Partner

Advantages of Kentico as a solution/product:

  • cuts development time in half by replacing plumbing code with out-of-the-box ease
  • answers every sophisticated function that integrated digital marketing demands
  • offers total flexibility, limitless scalability, and integrates with almost anything
  • has engineered out the complications and costs others leave in
  • comes with our legendary 24/7 closed-loop support and 7-day bug-fix policy

References in Italy

http://www.monteleonedispoletoeventi.it/ – one of our partners in Italy – KB Solutions created the “Monteleone di Spoleto eventi” website in order to give to the municipality of Monteleone di Spoleto the right tools to communicate with its citizens. KB Solutions chose Kentico CMS because it had the tools to help KB Solutions and the municipality reach their communication goals. KB Solutions and Monteleone di Spoleto were very successful; producing a final website that is easy to navigate; even on mobile devices. The site is also full of information about the history of the municipality and about upcoming events in Monteleone di Spoleto; to drive citizen engagement in the town.

http://www.wamgroup.com/en-GB/corporate/home done by our GOLD Italian partner eLogic. WAMGROUP is a very large company that works in the international market, with a very complex business organization. It manages a network of 60 branches throughout the world that speak 12 different languages. The site should form a solid platform and be useful for managing a large number of registered users (to date, over 30,000). Whilst, on the other hand, content management should be delegated to different people each with expertise both for their language and relevant sector. The website had to integrate internally in a single site, 13 brands, 55 product families, 21 activities, and 15 different technologies. In addition, it was essential that it be a responsive design allowing content to be accessible through any type of mobile device, which, in retrospect, has brought significant results (see results section).Another essential element was the need to integrate the site with SharePoint from which all the technical documentation published on the site is taken. Other details in the case study http://www.kentico.com/getmedia/79ee003c-ad00-467a-9aec-ec957a496e36/WAMGROUP.pdf?pf=1&casestudy=1

http://www.thunbusinessgift.com/it-IT/Home.aspx another website done by eLogic – suppose it`s quite famous in Italy, so this might be one of those good referencesJ

http://www.lenethun.org/ done by eLogic – For 8 years the Foundation Countess Lene Thun NPO is committed to the realization of projects of “recreational therapy” through modeling of ceramics. Working in different pathological contexts and uncomfortableness , become a real psychological support during the period of illness.

https://www.umbra.it/Portale/Homepage-Studio.aspx – pharmaceutical website done by KB Solutions

http://www.agribologna.it/it-IT/Home.aspx – small but very nice website done again by eLogic. Agribologna is one of the most relevant company in Bologna (Italy) working in the agro-food industry. It follows the entire chain of processing and sale of fruit and vegetable product.

Other references can be found here http://www.kentico.com/Customers/Customer-Projects/Italy. These references should demonstrate, that Kentico is suitable for any business and can be done with any design.

List of partners in Italy


Free training options:

  1. Step-by-step Video Tutorial: kentico.com/Tutorial/Installation
  2. Documentation: http://devnet.kentico.com/documentation/kentico-8
  3. Full Documentation: https://docs.kentico.com
  4. Kentico Deliver Now! Methodology: kentico.com/Kentico_DeliverNow_Methodology.pdf
  5. Knowledge Base Articles: http://devnet.kentico.com/articles?type=knowledgebase
  6. Videos: http://devnet.kentico.com/articles?type=video
  7. Learning Materials: kentico.com/download/learning-materials
  8. Join free Kentico CMS or Kentico EMS Webinars: http://www.kentico.com/Download-Demo/Webinars

For more info, contact primo.bonacina@primobonacina.com

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