[Jobvite] INFOGRAPHIC: How To Create A Recruiting Strategy on Social networks

Just about every industry that deals with human behavior and decision-making has been impacted by social media, and recruiting is no exception. From lying on LinkedIn to terrible behavior on Twitter, companies can easily find reasons to pass on candidates.Social Networks Job Seekers Use

What about using social media to find the good, instead of the bad? With 74% of online adults in the U.S. on social media, it’s a good place to implement a recruiting strategy that will save your company time and money, but where do you start? Each social network attracts a different persona, but some are more productive than others for recruiters.

ith 67% of job seekers as active users, Facebook is the biggest social pool for recruiters, which makes it a good network to start with. We asked three experts from three wildly

different industries what they are doing with Facebook to find the talent that they require.

Be Direct: Post Your Job Openings

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the co-founder and CMO of Voices.com, a site that helps businesses find the professional voice talent that they need.

Stephanie Ciccarelli, CMO, Voices.com

Finding a new job is a positive thing, so Ciccarelli is not shy about directly posting her openings. Employees are also asked to share current openings, as she knows it is information that their network will be eager to share.

One way to recruit talent using Facebook is to share links that direct people to openings at your company. We do this corporately through our Facebook Page, and members of the team also share job openings on their own Facebook profiles, directing friends and colleagues to where they can learn more and apply. These posts are often shared by other people using Facebook and word gets out to networks far beyond our own. For us, Facebook acts as a lead generator in that it helps route interested candidates to the Careers section on our site painting the picture of what life could be like for them if they joined our team. Our page features staff testimonials, infographics explaining what we offer as an employer in addition to a listing of current openings.—Stephanie Ciccarelli, CMO, Voices.com

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