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On this subject, here is an article about “Advanced” Content Marketing: By now, you’ve probably dabbled in content marketing. Perhaps your brand has tried its hand at launching a blog. Maybe you managed to produce a stream of posts on a regular basis. You created a few videos or had some success sharing posts on social media. But you want more. Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind for your content marketing, and so far it hasn’t met that goal. That’s where advanced content marketing techniques can come into play. With advanced content marketing, you go beyond the basics in an effort to reach your goals and help your content reach its intended audience.Naked Wines Advanced Content Marketing

What Makes Content Marketing “Advanced?”

When you hear the word “advanced,” what comes to mind? You might think of something that’s ahead of the curve, something that’s a bit complicated, or something that’s forward thinking.

All those definitions of advanced can apply to advanced content marketing. It’s going to be a bit more complicated than just putting together a blog, it’s going to be forward-thinking, using the latest technologies, and it should (ideally) be ahead of the curve, using tactics and techniques that few others use.

Advanced content marketing can be distinguished from “simple” content marketing by a few features.


When it comes to content marketing, you don’t want to be doing the same thing that everyone else is doing. That’s where customization can come into play. Custom content is exclusive to your brand. It’s a blog post or video that expresses your brand’s point of view or thoughts. More importantly, it’s content that meets the specific needs of an identified customer base.


Personalization and customization are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. One significant difference is that personalizing content means that you are shaping it for a specific customer. For example, if you are a jewelry company and someone purchased a necklace from you, you can follow up by recommending that they watch a video on caring for or cleaning the necklace. You might also send along a blog post on how to style that type of necklace. Personalization recognizes that customers are different, remembers the actions of customers, and recommends content to them that is most likely to best meet their needs.


Another component of advanced content marketing is optimization. What are you doing to get your content in front of its intended audience? People often think of SEO when they hear the word optimization, but it also refers to tactics that make a piece of content more appealing to users, not only to search engines.


If you love numbers, there’s really never been a better time to be alive. Advanced content marketing thrives on data. It looks at how many people are looking at a piece of content, and what they do next. With data, you can see if you’re getting any sort of return on investment on your content marketing efforts, or if the content you’re putting out into the world is just languishing there.

Examples of Advanced Content Marketing

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