[ITEuropa] IDC: Business tablets on the rise

Tablets are finding it tough in Europe, but business use is rising. According to figures published by IDC, the overall tablet market in Western Europe remained challenged in 1Q15, declining 10.5% year over year with total shipments totaling 8.5 million units. The contraction, however, was mainly the result of sluggish consumer demand as the expansion of tablets in the commercial space accelerates with volumes increasing 51.3% from the same period last year.

In terms of product category, the share of 2-in-1s, albeit growing, remains in single-digit territory at 5.9%. Nevertheless, the popularity of these devices continued to increase among consumers as well as enterprises, driving shipments up 44.4%. Extended device life cycles and competition from smartphones with large screen sizes (phablets) as well as portable PCs at attractive price points diverted end-user budget and attention.

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