[ITCandor] The enterprise hardware market falls 2.1% in Q2 2015 – is going server-centric

ent hardware quarterI’ve been looking at the enterprise IT market over the last couple of days, combining server, enterprise network and storage system numbers together mainly to assess market growth and vendor successes. With the server market growing, storage systems declining and networks somewhere in the middle it looks to me as there is good evidence that we’re moving to a server-centric world. Software running on servers is taking chunks of money out of the dedicated array market now… and will do the same to dedicated network hardware in the future. You’ll want toread more about the market movements and vendor shares.The server market in the year to the end of June was up 0.9% to $61.7b, while the enterprise network market was down 1.1% and the storage systems by 9.2% to $51.7 and $29.8n respectively. Movements were more market in Q2 itself with server revenues up 4.2%, networks down 1.5% and storage down 11.7% according to the ITCandor market model.
ent hardwar shareEach of the 3 contributing markets has its own leader – HP in servers, EMC in storage and Cisco in networks (see Figure). While Cisco’s tremendous 56.4% share in networks helps it take the leading position in the overall enterprise hardware market.


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