[Live Hire] 7 Things about recruitment software your boss wants to know

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On this subject, here is an article about HR software: No boss would want productivity to be hit by a skills gap caused due to vacant position. Unlike handling the entire recruitment process manually, recruitment software with applicant tracking systems, ATS, and several other features can significantly speed up the process. Need to convince your boss about making it a part of your HR system? Here are 7 things your boss should know: 

  1. Reduced email and time wastage: ATS recruitment software not only helps track candidates in the talent pools that match your requirements but also automates and personalize emails to update and engage with them. Thus, you can avoid wasting time on typing out numerous candidate emails and focus instead on more important tasks.
  2. Make flexible working a reality: With modern workforces increasingly demanding flexible working hours recruitment software can help facilitate this process. By automating tedious tasks, applicant tracking software can speed up the hiring process and boost productivity.
  3. Reduce the risk of inaccurate hiring: If you often skip background checks to meet urgent recruitment needs, you may fail to hire the best talents or worse, fall prey to non-compliance and fraudulent activities. With recruitment software that automates segments of the reference checking process, you can steer clear of hiring unsuitable employees.
  4. Never lose a CV again: Missing or misplaced documents and details of candidates can waste a lot of time. In the meanwhile, your preferred candidates may have already accepted your business competitor’s offer. By using an applicant tracking system that tracks priority referrals speedily through your hiring process, you would never lose the CV or other details of your referred candidate again.
  5. Better focus on candidate selection and onboarding: With applicant tracking software and recruitment systems, your HR team will no longer spend time on screening candidates as the automated system can do this. Instead, they can focus on conducting psychometric or personality tests online that will help select candidates who are a good fit for the company’s work culture.
  6. Make 10-day hiring a reality: Successful employers hire top performers within an average of 10 days. Moving fast to recruit suitable candidates is more important in engineering and tech domains where skills shortage is prevalent. Unlike relying on outdated HR technology or a manual recruitment process that will delay the hiring process, recruitment software can help make 10-day hiring a reality.
  7. Get used to HR analytics: Recruitment software enables you to collect critical data to spot bottlenecks in your recruitment process. Identifying where your HR team are performing well and need improvement can help develop efficiency and ultimately save you money.

With so much that modern recruitment software and applicant tracking systems can do, your boss will love the improvement in process it delivers to your organization. For further information, please visit this link.

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