[Gartner] Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions Simplifies Midmarket Data Center

Midmarket I&O leaders are under continuous pressure to simplify their data centers and reduce costs. Even in highly virtualized environments, effective alternatives exist to reduce complexity.idc 1

Key Challenges

  • Infrastructure complexity and maintenance continue to negatively impact the agility of midmarket infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams.
  • Budgets have kept many viable alternatives to best-of-breed solutions out of the reach of midsize enterprises.
  • The tight coupling of hyperconverged systems does not align to existing roles within midmarket I&O teams. Consequently, midmarket I&O leaders will need to redefine long-standing roles and responsibilities.


  • Highly virtualized midsize enterprises with fewer than 200 VMs should opt for hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Hyperconverged integrated systems (HCIS) adoption should include concurrent I&O organizational restructuring to better align with hyperconverged solutions, especially if infrastructure silos of server, storage and network groups exist.
  • Ensure that HCIS providers identify ultimate account management and support responsibilities, particularly when working through a partner.

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