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On this subject, here is the an article about posting on Instagram: Instagram is all about building connections with your community and showing your authentic self. Get the most out of video-sharing with these tips for IGTV, Stories, Live and Feed.


Your fans and followers are more likely to engage with a post that feels personal rather than something that’s over produced or obviously not created by you. Be conversational and authentic in your captions, and share exclusive content that fans can’t see from anyone else, like behind-the-scenes photos and videos.


Consistent posting is key. Don’t be afraid to post daily and don’t overthink it. As long as you stay fresh and authentic, your fans will be excited to follow the journey.

Posting frequently ensures your fans will see your content. Make a goal of posting at least once across Feed, Stories, Live and IGTV per week.


Use the questions sticker or @mention fans in Stories to spread the fan love! An engaged, healthy community is key to success on Instagram, and acknowledging a comment may earn you a lifelong fan.

There’s many ways to have a dialog with fans across Stories, Live, Feed and IGTV. Take a moment today to like a comment or respond with a few words.


Add context to your posts so your fans feel like they’re with you in the moment. Your ride to a venue, your reaction to a moment with a fan or even your morning workout are all moments that give people a reason to follow and engage.

Consider fun ways to share more than one moment, like posting multiple photos and videos in one feed post or using a countdown sticker to build momentum to a big moment.


You can now post longer videos to stories, recording past 15 seconds and up to 1 minute. It’s also now easier to upload multiple photos and videos at once.

As you record video beyond 15 seconds, a thumbnail tray will appear to indicate how many videos you’ve recorded so far. Every 15 seconds of recorded or uploaded media is turned into its own video, and you can record up to four videos for a total duration of 1 minute in a single session.

To upload multiple stories, tap the icon on the top right of your camera roll, then tap to select up to 10 photos or videos.

For both features, you can edit each photo or video individually, saving you editing time!


  1. Be transparent. Build trust with your audience by tagging businesses you’re partnering with. Our policies require creators and publishers to tag business partners in the branded content posts when there’s an exchange of value between a creator or publisher and a business partner.
  2. Be relevant. Work with brands whose products you genuinely enjoy working with. It should feel like a fit for your voice and Instagram presence to truly resonate with your fans.
  3. Be authentic. Ensure that creative looks natural so it resonates most with your organic audience. Fans don’t want to be sold to.


So what makes a great IGTV video? Serialized videos that are 2-3 minutes and maintain a consistent theme across your channel, so fans can anticipate what they will see. IGTV videos should be captured vertically in 9:16 to make the most of people’s viewing habits. Shorter clips that share everyday moments are better suited for Stories or Feed.

Pro tip! Get into the action to hook viewers right away. In order to count as a view, your fans need to watch at least 3 seconds of your video.


Get more people to discover your IGTV video by promoting it across Stories, Feed and Live. These are the steps to follow:

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