[DrumUp] What Customers Expect to See on Your Landing Page (And Go Away When They Don’t)

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On this subject, here is an article about landing pages: A landing page is different from a website page in that it is designed to meet a single conversion goal. When sufficiently persuaded, visitors to your landing page can be expected to take the desired call to action – most usually a registration. Needless to say, a great landing page can land you more customers/clients.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself what would excite or convince you to spend a few minutes completing registration and using the product/service. Think about those potential customers who may be comparing your offerings with your competitors’. They need a strong reason to choose you over the rest as well as a smooth experience on your site.

You can match their expectations by paying attention to the points discussed below.

1. Create a compelling, clearly stated value proposition

A value proposition tells customers what your product/service will do for them and also conveys how it is better than the competition. It can be a single statement or 2-3 lines that hit home with the target audience.

In the example below, the value proposition ‘Eating Well Made Easy’ communicates that customers will enjoy good food with less effort. It is more appealing to something generic as ‘We Deliver Fresh Ingredients to Your Home’.

Landing page value prop 1

A punchy value-stating headline captures attention instantly and encourages visitors to learn more about your offerings. Spend time on perfecting the headline and test different headlines to see which ones get higher sign-ups. Some elements you can test for are:

  • A short versus long headline
  • A headline that states benefits versus features
  • The color scheme of the headline
  • Headline transposed over a background image versus negative space for text and image above, below or next to it

Landing page value prop 2

Make a second offer to people who leave your landing page. Consider an exit overlay, a modal lightbox that tracks abandoning visitors and gets activated in the same browsing window, unlike a pop-up. This second offer can take the form of a discount or free tips/advice.

Exit overlay 1


2. Include benefits and/or features

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