[DrumUp] 11 Solid Ways to Drive Constant Traffic to Your Blog Posts

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On this subject, here is an article about Content Marketing: Once your blog is up, you have the big task of growing its readership. When facing off against incumbents with a loyal following and competing directly against new entrants, the sooner you plan your ‘blog traffic generation’ tactics, the better it is for your content-associated business goals.Risultati immagini per traffic to blog post

1. Connect with readers first
Readers appreciate content that can help them solve a challenge, broaden their knowledge of a topic, or boost their professional acumen. Depending on who you are targeting, a crucial first step is to create a content calendar with the best possible content ideas.

2. Market your content within your posts
Link out your posts to other content you have created. The easiest would be to simply interlink your blog posts. Also consider linking out to authoritative sources in your niche so readers and search engines know that you genuinely wish to educate your audience and contribute to thoughtful discussions of important issues in your niche.

3. Promote your articles on Quora
For most part, Quora’s user community can be relied on for useful insights and quality answers. By joining the community, you have a chance to share your knowledge and reference your blog posts. If you manage to consistently post stellar content, you may convince contributors to visit your blog and explore your services.

4. Share multiple times on social
It is easy for an important post to be ‘invisible’ or not attract as much interaction as you were hoping. When promoting a blog post on a topical issue or a two/three part series during an important marketing campaign, share it twice a day on the same network and promote on multiple channels. Social media management software can greatly simplify this task.

5. Write guest posts
Make a list of the top blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. Contribute engaging posts on a frequent basis to capture the attention of subscribers to leading blogs and convert them into your readers.

6. Embed SlideShares 
Establishing a presence on SlideShare is yet another B2B marketing tactic to create awareness around your blog and social media content. SlideShare’s 70 million strong community has the potential to make your slides and infographics go viral. You can embed SlideShare links to Twitter or into your blog. Also consider sharing slide-based presentations to your LinkedIn profile to drive more eyeballs to your content.

7. Invite guest contributors
A post contributed by an influencer or industry expert carries weight and helps establish confidence in your business. It also gives you a brief break from creating content while giving you the opportunity to rely on the unique insights of a leader, seasoned professional or a recognized blogger.

8. Add social sharing buttons
Incorporating social sharing buttons to your blog is a basic tactic but one that can make a big difference once your content starts gaining steady readership. Even a handful of loyal readers who share your posts on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can earn your blog, website and social media pages substantial traffic.

9. Comment on other blogs
Represent your content on 8-10 high-ranking blogs in your niche to pique the curiosity of readers and perhaps even those blog owners. Make sure your comments are relevant to the particular post, don’t proffer generic tips, and adopt a friendly tone. Identify yourself with your real name across all the blogs you’ve chosen for strategic commenting.

10. Have your employees promote your blog posts
Put employee advocacy into action by motivating everyone at work to share your blog posts on their personal social media accounts. If they aren’t already reading your blog, encourage them to engage, and solicit their insights and experiences (with due credit). You can even consider leveraging gamification to boost participation and reap the benefits of supercharged sharing across multiple social networks.

11. Step up visual content creation
Visual content is easy to consume, more likely to be read completely and – if engaging enough –  shared immediately or bookmarked. Check out tools that make it easy and painless to create infographics, charts and impactful graphics. If you can create memorable visuals and top-notch bite-size content, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to draw constant traffic to your blog.

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