[Cloudian] Build Scalable Storage with Lenovo and Cloudian

LenovoCloudianWith the massive growth of data from the Internet of Things (IOT) to collaboration to compliance, users are demanding low-cost, flexible, easy to scale, and simple to manage data center storage solutions. Software-defined object storage delivers on these demands by capitalizing on industry standard x86 infrastructure and storage technologies to deploy more economic and manageable storage solutions compared to legacy storage architectures.

Cloudian HyperStore is an example of the new breed of software-designed storage. Cloudian HyperStore allows companies to build their own public or private cloud storage infrastructure including enterprise IT organizations, cloud service providers, or cloud hosting providers. The decision to use cloud storage for the delivery of IT services is best made by starting with the knowledge and experience that is gained from previous work. The reference architecture document referenced below gathers the essential information about a scale-out storage architecture and a real-world example from the Cloudian support organization that uses the Cloudian HyperStore® appliances that are powered by Lenovo hardware.

The combination of Cloudian HyperStore and Lenovo world-class hardware provides a unique 100% S3 compliant multi-device cloud storage platform with which any level of SLA can be met at the right cost with dynamic migrations from one storage tier to another. The solution meets the needs of any enterprise willing to adapt their storage cost to the value of their data as well as service providers targeting to market multi-SLA storage services for their customers.

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