[Channelnomics] Spiceworks Research: Windows 10 uptake to exceed Windows 7

Almost three quarters of IT pros plan to migrate to Windows 10 within two years, which will make its launch more successful than that of its popular past incarnation Windows 7.

That is according to Spiceworks, whose recent research of 500 people across EMEA and North America found that more than half of its survey respondents are already testing Windows 10. A massive 96 per cent of those asked said they were interested in Windows 10 and 40 per cent said they plan to roll it out within 12 months of its launch, which is set for the end of July. Another third said they will deploy it within the following year, meaning nearly three quarters expect to be running in within two years of its release. Spiceworks says its historical data shows that two years after Windows 7 launched, just 60 per cent of those it spoke to were running at least one instance of the OS, suggesting the launch of Windows 10 will be more popular.

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