[Cammio] Taking the guesswork out of recruiting

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On this subject, here is an article about how to assess top talent: fingerscrossedNo matter the size of the company, having a workforce that meets the company’s needs is vital for an organization’s success and future growth. Recruiting the right people with the right combination of skills and aptitude for the position is extremely important. Employers face the challenge of effectively finding the top talent to job requirements and making the perfect hire, each and every time. The recruitment process is supposed to weed out bad matches, but truthfully, the average hiring process is not perfect. If you think the cost of hiring a good candidate is high, try hiring the wrong one… Employers need to look beyond just resumes, get to know their candidates and take the guesswork out of recruiting, preventing wasting hours, and high expenditures with mismatches. Using the right technology and knowing how to leverage it to your advantage will help!

Recognizing the right candidates
Finding the ‘perfect fit’ goes beyond just matching a CV to a job-profile. Personality, cultural-fit and work ethic are just as, or sometimes even more, important. Recruiters are challenged to find the one candidate that has everything they are looking for and who seemingly does not exist. Recruiters often need to make a huge investment in terms of money and time before scoring a win, and throughout the entire process they’re just hoping they have recognized the right candidate. Sounds a lot like picking the winning lottery ticket?

The consequences of hiring the wrong person can put a strain on a whole company. According to a 2014 CareerBuilder survey, 42% of companies reported that a bad hire cost them at least $25,000. For 25% of the companies, the cost was $50,000 or more. Moreover, over one-third of employers indicated that a bad hire has lowered their company’s productivity, effected worker morale and, in some cases, had a negative impact on client relationships. While there will probably never be a way to prevent bad hires entirely – it’s a ‘people’ business after all – there is a great range of tools and technologies that can help prevent bad hires better.

Get to know your candidates
The use of modern technologies and recruitment tools make it possible to capture much more insight into a candidate early in the process, making the selection process easier. Good candidates have nothing to hide and a lot to share. Using the right tools and technologies offers a way to easily get to know every important aspect of the candidate. Big data or recruitment analytics makes the world smaller, by essentially zooming in on the right talent to source. Talent will surface that conventional hiring networks might have missed. E-assessments and skill-based testing can further offer recruiters a way to qualify candidates by getting clear and objective information on a candidate’s professional knowledge and know-how. Video pre-screening adds personality to the CV, preventing wasting valuable time on job interviews with candidates that are not the right cultural and personality match for the position. This increases the chances that a company selects the candidate that is best suited for the role.

By choosing the right tools and knowing how to leverage technology to their advantage, employers can create a process to develop an excellent workforce in an efficient but most of all reliable way. It’s about not focusing on just a CV but knowing what someone really brings to the table as early as possible. It’s time to take the guesswork out of recruiting!

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