[BettingSites] INFOGRAPHIC: The growing impact of Social Media on Sports

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On this subject, here is an article about Social Media and SportsNowadays, sports fans can communicate with favorite clubs through social media platforms. The large crowd of followers are not only important as supporters of a club, but also as a substantial investment opportunity for it to attract commercial sponsors.Risultati immagini per social media sports

The use of social media in sports plays vital role of keeping fans updated about the upcoming events, players’ injuries, transfers, etc. Almost all sports activities in the world are shared on social media networks by news coverage platforms, the athletes themselves, and so on.

Brands such as Adidas and Nike utilize the media by using athletes as marketing tools for advertising their products. Last year bettingsites.me.uk reported that Cristiano Ronaldo partnered with Nike, while Lionel Messi is still working with their rival company Adidas. This helps to capture a large audience which results in higher profits, as people will be more likely to buy sports apparel and equipment after seeing their favorite superstars wearing/using them.

Research shows that over 67% of fans are more likely to use Twitter to view and follow sports. In 2014, for example, the World Cup garnered over 672 million tweets by the end of the event, while eight of the top ten most tweeted stories were about football.

Social media has also enabled fans to receive live commentary on real time events, making it easy for clubs to engage with fans and build relationships through discussions and polls.

For example, football fans are given the opportunity by the clubs to vote for favorite footballer on clubs’ official social media channels. This, in return, makes the players perform better as they seek to be declared the footballer of the year by fans.

Athletes (individual sportsmen and women) also use social media platforms to share their personal life and career experiences. You no longer have to struggle with live streaming news from websites or searching through thousands of Google search results to find out about their latest successful performances and records.

The changing media landscape provides sports organizations with opportunities to tell their stories directly to the fans, without having to use traditional media over which they have no authority.

For more info, check this Infographic: https://bettingsites.me.uk/sports-on-social-media/

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