[IvyExec] Writing a Follow Up to an Interview: How and When to Send it

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Here is an article about recruiting: You’re feeling pretty confident after your last interview. You nailed all the key questions, got across the important points, and left a great impression.

You go home, treat yourself to a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and that’s when it hits you: you forgot to write an interview follow up note!

Fret not – we’re here to help you in a pinch.

What’s So Important About the Interview Follow Up Note?

Your follow up note to an interview is just one part of the equation that makes you stand out from the crowd. So why is it important for both you and the interviewer?

  1. Stay Top of Mind – It’s possible that you were one of a dozen candidates who interviewed that day. By sending a personalized note, you bump yourself up through the clutter of the day and stay top of mind.
  2. Gives Them Something to Share – By sending a follow up email that recaps details of the interview, the person you interviewed with can share your thoughts, resume, and interview notes with other hiring managers at the company, or people on the team you might be working with.
  3. Opens Up the Door for Communications – Your follow up note keeps the conversation alive. It gives them something to hit ‘reply’ to, and continue the conversation from a natural point.
  4. It Shows You Do Care About the Job – After all, job seekers often apply to dozens of jobs and have multiple interviews. Sending a thoughtful follow up note shows you care about this job, and are willing to spend the time to craft a note.

How Long Should You Wait Before Sending a Follow Up?

Finding a new job is like dating. You need to first find chemistry, then you need to sweat over the question: “how long do I wait before sending a follow up?” When it comes to the interview note, you don’t want to wait very long. If you don’t send it the same day – you ought to send it within 24 hours.

How to Craft Your Interview Follow Up Letter

There’s no set-in-stone template for crafting your interview note, because each note you write should be unique for each interview.

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