[Avnet] White paper: 2015-16 State of IT Security report

Although the number of highly-public data breaches feels smaller through the first three quarters of 2015 than it did last year, two indisputable facts remain:State-of-IT-Securtity-header

  1. Large public and private organizations will continue to be high-value targets, based on the massive sets of customer and financial data they maintain.
  2. Malicious hackers and thieves will continue to focus their attacks on the individual employee to breach the company’s defenses.

Although hackers may view a company’s employees as the weakest link in the defensive perimeter, we have a different perspective at Avnet.

We believe an informed, aware employee can be a company’s greatest asset when it comes to identifying and avoiding malicious attacks.

So every summer, we create and distribute a report created by Avnet’s IT Security team called State of IT Security: What You Need to Know.

This report addresses eight of today’s most pressing IT threats from Avnet’s perspective, along with actions the reader can take to mitigate their own risk of attack.

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