[Avnet] How to Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) as a concept is fascinating and exciting, but the key to gaining real business value from it, is effective communication between all elements of the architecture so you can deploy applications faster, process and analyze data at lightning speeds, and make decisions as soon as you can.

IoT architecture can be represented by four systems:

  1. Things: These are defined as uniquely identifiable nodes, primarily sensors that communicate without human interaction using IP connectivity.
  2. Gateways: These act as intermediaries between things and the cloud to provide the needed Internet connectivity, security and manageability.
  3. Network infrastructure: This is comprised of routers, aggregators, gateways, repeaters and other devices that control data flow.
  4. Cloud infrastructure: Cloud infrastructure contains large pools of virtualized servers and storage that are networked together.

Next-generation trends namely, Social Networks, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobility, have made many things possible that weren’t just a few years ago. Add to that, the convergence of global trends and events that are fueling today’s technological advances and enabling innovation including:

  • Efficiency and cost-reduction initiatives in key vertical market
  • Government incentives encouraging investment in these new technology
  • Lower manufacturing costs for smart devices
  • Reduced connectivity costs
  • More-efficient wired and wireless communications
  • Expanded and affordable mobile networks

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