[Avnet & Brocade] Don’t Get Caught with Data Security Gaps

When important people need protection, how does it usually work? For example, a president, prime minister or other world leader? Typically, if there’s any kind of expected threat, it’s full protection round the clock, everywhere and with no margin for error.

Now imagine that, instead of this kind of protection, a world leader under threat had multiple locations that were very secure but, when they moved between locations, instead of armored cars and lots of bodyguards, they had to run alone through the streets to get to their destination?

That wouldn’t be very secure. In fact, anyone who wanted to nab that leader would find it pretty easy to get them in-transit when they are most vulnerable.

Yep, that would definitely be a bad way to try to secure someone or something. Yet surprisingly, this is exactly the way that many enterprises treat the business data that, if stolen, could lead to serious losses, not to mention embarrassment and a lasting negative reputation.

Does this setup sound familiar to you? Servers, applications and other information in the data center are heavily secured and protected. And when that data is at rest in the organization’s storage infrastructure, it is secured and encrypted so that it is useless to those looking to steal the data.

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