[TechRepublic] 18 new IT jobs created by Bitcoin and blockchain

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On this subject, here is an article about Bitcoin & Blockchain: As bitcoin and blockchain are poised to revolutionize many businesses, employers and job candidates alike are investigating how cryptocurrency-related positions could be of use to their business.Risultati immagini per bitcoin blockchain

Searches for jobs mentioning blockchain, bitcoin, or cryptocurrency jumped more than 1,000% since November 2015, according to new data from job search site Indeed.

 Job postings on Indeed specifically mentioning blockchain, bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in their search also increased by 621% in that time.

“While the number of opportunities and searches are still quite small, Indeed data shows that companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology – and job seekers have been quick to react,” said Terence Chiu, vice president of product at Indeed. “It remains to be seen whether the rapid growth in this field will continue and it’s worth noting that these are specialized roles that can be hard to fill. However, it’s certainly a field worth watching in the near future as both job seekers and employers seize the opportunity.”

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Here are 18 jobs that currently mention blockchain, bitcoin, or cryptocurrency, posted on Indeed:

  1. Senior software engineer, cryptocurrency
  2. Cryptocurrency Analyst
  3. Cryptocurrency Developer
  4. DevOps Engineer- Bitcoin Enthusiast
  5. Analyst (Cryptocurrency)
  6. Cryptocurrency Trader
  7. Project Manager – CryptoCurrency
  8. Product Manager – Cryptocurrency
  9. Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist Positions – Direct Sales
  10. Cryptocurrency Mining Technician
  11. COO (Cryptocurrency)
  12. Direct Sales Associate – Cryptocurrency
  13. Systems Engineer (Trading Cryptocurrency)
  14. Data Scientist (Cryptocurrency)
  15. Cloud Engineer with Bitcoin protocol / Blockchain
  16. Bitcoin Full-Stack Developer
  17. Cryptocurrency Mining Lead
  18. Cryptocurrency Research Analyst (Internship)

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