Generating leads is an important practice in marketing which is being refined continually in various industries to boost the chances of achieving business. Lead generation is different from what it has been: customers are increasingly reluctant of being contacted via telemarketing agencies and need a compelling reason to select your message instead of many concurrent others.Risultati immagini per lead generation

Our approach is based on a few crisp concepts:

  • Pain: only people who feel a need will respond to your message
  • Claim: you should claim to have a solution to their pain
  • (Proof of) Gain: you should prove that your solution gives them a real gain
  • Call to action: the process should end-up with a call to action in order not to loose the momentum

By the way how do you to get the attention of your customers on a specific message? How do you to make them perform any action (open a web site, go to an event, accept a call, …)? The Guerrilla Marketing by mail is also a way to obtain these objectives by sending by mail a special envelope with a purple cow message and a smart deliverable inside. Do this and 90% of your target will notice your message, instead of a mere 3% by e-mail.

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