PBS – Primo Bonacina Services was founded in 2014 by Primo Bonacina, a long-standing manager in the Digital world, with top roles in multinational firms, including 3Com, Anixter, Tech Data, Magirus (now part of Tech Data), Microsoft and Acer

Our sole purpose is to add value to Enterprises & Digital players by providing hands-on, no-risk, flexible, affordable, measurable support to their initiatives. To achieve that, we offer a wide range of services, which alleviate several of our customers’ pains, so they can focus on their core business and achieve agility and innovation

Our customers do appreciate our support: positive, project-driven, measurable, affordable, easy to set up

We operate either autonomously or with a network of associates who flexibly get together on a project basis, in a transparent way and with no overheads

We are the true Digital, Actionable, Measurable consultancy company. If you want to know more, just download our presentations

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how to make your business more agile and efficient: we will be back to you with some careful listening, followed by a detailed plan of actions