As independent consultants, we offers state-of-the art security assessment services that provide cost-efficient, effective capabilities to detect security holes in IT infrastructures and allow you to easily align your security with industry standards guidelines and best practices.Risultati immagini per ethical hacker

Through our assessment services, your organization can obtain an accurate, independent security evaluation. Leveraging on background of our team, we offer a wide range of IT Security Auditing and Assessment services covering areas as Penetration Test and Application Security Assessment, as well as most emergent risk areas as Phishing, Social Engineering and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Our security assessment services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing: Our expert security engineers use best-in-class vulnerability assessment tools and then manually simulate real-world attacks, mimicking the tactics employed by malicious hackers. The result is an actionable report with risk-rated findings and recommendations to help you better protect your networks and systems from compromise.
  • Application Security Testing: Securing your web applications is good business. Our web application security testing offer the efficiency of automated tools and the benefits of manual testing to protect one of your most valuable IT assets. Custom testing enables us to identify not only identify technical vulnerabilities but also flaws in business logic.
  • Mobile Device Security Risk Analysis: The use of personal mobile devices at work (BYOD) has increased so quickly that many IT departments are unprepared to meet the new security challenges. Let us help you navigate the BYOD/mobile minefield!
  • Social Engineering Testing: The increased amount of online personal information has been a boon for hackers. We simulates real world social engineering attacks using targeted phishing emails, pre-text phone calls, and unauthorized attempts to access facilities to test your employees security awareness and adherence to company security policies.
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment: The rise in advanced persistent threats has created the need for a new type of IT security assessment. Rather than a series of discrete scans and tests, our Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Assessment utilizes a multi-layered, shared knowledge-based security approach to simulate a real-world targeted attack to your organization.

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